We snagged our Montauk photographer @Bekkagunther to pick her brain about what inspires her, insights into her on-set vision during the shoot and of course, her personal style.

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On set at Montauk

What inspires you the most living through your lens? 

I’m always intrigued and inspired by what lies beneath the surface. Pulling out emotions from my subjects and digging deeper is what keeps me motivated. I’m always wanting to grow as an artist and find a new way of looking at life, emotions and all that can’t be explained.

 What do you find most intriguing about the art of photography?

You can hand anyone a camera and give them the same subject to shoot, but each photo will be different. The art of photography is so individual.  Of course it can be copied and it often is-but taking the time to find your true “individual eye” with any art is daunting. If an artist takes the time to find their “eye” or their “voice” photography becomes its most poignant.

What were you hoping to portray with the Buffalo Montauk shoot?

I wanted to capture an element of effortless cool. The collection I shot was effortless and stylish and the talent each  brought their unique energy to set. I wanted to utilize their personalities to bring the clothing and the shoot to life. I’m really happy with the result. It’s a bit dreamy, yet straightforward and of course, cool.

How would you describe your personal style?

I range from boyish to very feminine. It all depends on my environment and mood. I’m like a sponge, my style can be affected by where I am, what I see, feel and where I want to go next.  I also dress for specific occasions to give myself that extra confidence boost.  Sometimes I wear loose jeans and a leather jacket that makes me feel strong. Other times  a tight red dress and heels that makes me feel confident. For me, it’s all about accepting that not everything is black and white, style can be fluid and should never abide within definable lines.

Besides snapping pictures, what are your favorite pastimes? 

I love traveling. I love learning languages and I love meeting new people. I’ve lived in Japan, Italy and backpacked alone throughout Europe. My first time out of the country I went to Uganda, Africa for 3 weeks. I feel like I need to travel more, quite honestly. We only have one life to live and the world is so beautiful and big. I’d like to see it all!

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